Bel direct

Our product line is based on three items: Filled waffles, filled cookies, and other cookies.


Filled Waffles

Our waffles are remarkable because of their freshness and authentic taste. A waffle is baked, cut and, last of all, filled. In addition to the traditional caramel filling, we also produce honey, hazelnut, agave and chocolate fillings.

Filled Cookies

We start by baking tasty crunchy cookies. These are given a caramel, fruit or hazelnut topping. The next step in the process is to position the cookies so that a second cookie can be placed exactly on top of the first one. The result: a delicious crunchy cookie with a soft filling.

Other Baked Goods

In addition to traditional baked goods such as speculoos and taai-taai, we also bake cookies from oats and spelt. These are available both in conventional and organic forms, but the amazing flavor is always guaranteed. We are constantly developing new items. We look forward to discussing your ideas!